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Paragliding Course

Horay finally i write my own article :), so the first time i want to share about paragliding course in Indonesia.

Me got paragliding course started November 2011 i guess.

I joined  paragliding club at Yogyakarta [Aang Sky Paragliding].

Paragliding cost for course its dependent another city,club its different cost but its above IDR 6000.000 until you can fly and get lisence pilot.

The first basic you will learn at paragliding its ground handling.

Its technic take off before you fly, so don’t expect when you ready to learn paragliding so u will fly first, of course not because its too dangerous.  You must reliable take off first after that you can learn fly and get first jump in you life 🙂

Usually before you have your first jump, instructor will tandem you first so you can feel fly first ^_^.

Requirement before you get pilot lisence its

– You have flight experience above 40 flights in 2 different place

– Pass  written exam

– Pass  practice exam

official website paragliding Indonesia:



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